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Tree Testing

Validate that your users can find what they need

Finding Your Content is Critical

Sometimes called a reverse card sort, a tree test is the perfect way to validate the navigation structure will work for your users. Learn which items participants can and can't find and how easy it was for them.

proven by users setup screenshot

Easy to Find or Not

With our online tree testing, you'll not only learn IF your users find their items, but how direct of a path they took to find it. Tree tests can easily be paired with surveys to understand more about your users thought process.

proven by users test screenshot

Your End-to-End Information Architecture Solution

With Proven by Users you can do all the required research and testing to discover an ideal information architecture. Begin with an open or closed Card Sort. Then validate your final proposed structure with a tree test. Feel confident that you've proven your IA.

proven by users test screenshot

Start testing right away.