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Five Second Testing

Learn what stands out in your designs

Quick Test, Astounding Insight

With a five second test, you can discover which parts of your design are memorable and if the emphasis in your design is in the right place. This simple usability test is run by showing your test participants an image for a duration of your choice, then asking them specific questions about their first impression and what they remember. The image can be anything from a wireframe to a fully designed mockup.

setting up a five second test in proven by users

Every Second Counts

Making a good impression is critical to your site's success. With extensive research, Jacob Nielsen has suggested "If the web page survives this first — extremely harsh — 10-second judgment, users will look around a bit." and goes on to say "you must clearly communicate your value proposition within 10 seconds" emphasizing how critical it is to get the first five seconds right.

graphic of hourglass

Ultra Powerful Experience Research

Adding other tasks to your five second test will accelerate your design testing. Combine it with a first click test to test how easily your users can complete a task, or add a card sort to test your information architecture.

With the Proven by Users user experience research platform, you can be confident that you've proven your design.

combine multiple ux testing types together inproven by users screenshot

Start testing right away

Your complete user research and UX testing platform. Six user research tools in one package. With affordable plans for one or all the tools. Try the platform for free, no credit cards required.