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First Click Testing

Understand where your users will click first

Guarantee That Customers Find What They Want

First click testing provides insight on where people will click first to complete a task, providing you the details you need to create a website that meets your goals. Test your wireframe or design mockups with our first click testing tool to see how well your designs will perform.

first click testing screenshot in proven by users

The First Click Matters

Research by Cari Wolfson and Bob Bailey showed there was an 87% chance of users completing their task if their first click was correct - compared to 46% success if their first click was incorrect.

proven by users first click results screenshot

Learning From Your Results

After your participants have completed your online first click test, you can view the results as click points or a heat map. Define success regions of your image to understand how good your design is and make the adjustments you need.

Combine your first click test with a survey or other UX research tests to gather more insights to make the right design decisions.

analyzing first click results in proven by users screenshot

Start testing right away

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