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Preference Testing

Prove which design people prefer

Let your users choose the best design

Whether you are debating between designs, copy or logos a preference test can provide the insight you need to make a decision. This simple and effective test displays two images to your participants and asks which they prefer.

a preference test screenshot from proven by users

Understand Why

The results of your online preference test will give you the breakdown of which image was prefered, but you'll want to dig deeper

Use follow up surveys to ask more questions and understand why one design is preferred. Collect demographic data and see if the preference changes for different user groups. Filter your participant responses to make sense of it all, and make informed design decisions.

adding surveys to preference test in proven by users

Combine with Other Tests

A preference test alone can be great, but combine it with any of our other UX testing tools to give you the bigger picture.

Use a first click test to learn more about how your users will complete a task, or a tree test to validate your information architecture.

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run multiple ux tests at the same time in proven by users

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