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Card sorting is an effective way to find the right information architecture for your content.
Proven by Users improves upon traditional card sorting by allowing people to participate online - remotely collecting results and analytics that are instantly compiled. Our card sorting tool supports all the standard features you expect and more like sub-groups, card duplication and surveys.

How It Works

1. Create and Customize

Quickly setup your online card sort exercise, adding or importing your cards, and easily configuring a survey. Test it out in preview mode and make it Live when you are ready to collect results.

2. Email a URL to Participants

Each card sort project comes with a unique URL that you provide to your participants. They use our online card sorting tool to drag and drop cards into groups. All in their browser. You see the results immediately.

3. Discover the Ideal Structure

Analyze the results using tables targeted at discovery - like similarity matrix and dendrogram. Segment the participants using survey and participant filtering and download your data in csv format.

Build & Customize Your Card Sort

Easily configure your card sort exercise to meet your unique needs.

Proven By Users Card Sort Settings

Sub Groups (aka Categories)
Allow your participants to put groups inside groups.

Use Images in Cards
With our without other card text.

Adjust the language in the sorting UI to match your participants natural language.

Enable Card Duplication
Allow participants to place a card in multiple groups.

Surveys before and after.
Design surveys to gather data that you can use to filter your results.

Password Protect
An extra layer of security when you need it.

Build Your Sort in our Demo

Participants Complete your Card Sort

Drag and Drop Interface
All online - in your browser - nothing to download.

Ability to Return
The Save & Return feature allows participants to email themselves a unique URL so they return later and pickup where they left off.

Custom Messaging
You specify the messaging the participants see in Welcome, Instructions and Thank You areas.

Branded to your company
Add your logo and company colors to make it your own.

Try an example sort

Example Open Card Sort
Example Closed Card Sort
Example Image Card Sort
The Proven By Users Sorting Interface

Analyze Your Results

Instantly view and investigate results as they are completed.

Card Sort Results View

Filter Results based on Survey Results
Segment the results using answers to the survey questions.

Download the card sort data in CSV or SynCaps format for analysis in other tools.

Analysis Tables
A full suite of industry standard tables to view your results.

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Why Remote Card Sorting?

Quickly identify the mental model of users with unmoderated card sorting, and get quantitative data on how they intuitively want to name and categorize the content on a website.

Send to multiple user groups to determine differences in the naming or structure. Identify your user groups with a survey that you filter your results on later.

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