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Frequently Asked Questions about your Account

After you register you are automatically on the free account subscription. The free subscription provides almost all the features and functionality. The limitations of the free account are:

  • Only 3 results per project can be collected.
    A 'result' is when a participant accesses your card sort - weather they complete it or not.
  • Logo uploads are disabled
  • Image cards are disabled
  • There is no time limit to the free account

Once your subscription ends you will no longer be able to collect more results, however the results you have collected will still be available when you login to your account.

No. That wouldn't be cool.
Subscriptions are for the duration purchased and won't renew.

With a paid subscription you may collect unlimited number of results.

As many as you need to. None of our plans limit the # of projects you can create.

No, we don't currently partner with any recruiting companies.