Results Analysis - Groups View

The Groups table shows a compiled list of all groups created and frequency of use. It is also where group merging or standardization is performed. To learn more see Merging Groups Help Topic. Columns provided in this results view:

  • Group Name:The name of the group. Underlines indicate a merged group name
  • Merged Group Name:Lists the name of the group when group merging is applied
  • # Participants Used:List how many participants used the group.
  • # Cards:The number of total cards placed into the group by all participants combined.
  • # Unique Cards:The # of unique cards placed by all participants combined.
  • Agreement:The agreement field indicates the level of participant consensus about which cards belong in a group.
    A value of 1.00 means that all the participants who used the group placed the same cards into it. Lower values suggest less agreement. The value is calculated using the formula:
    (# Cards / # Unique Cards) / # Participants
  • Group Comments: If enabled, this column will show comments participants made on the groups. Listed in the format Participant Name : Comment
  • Cards: A list of the cards placed in that group with the count in parentheses.

A screenshot from the groups results view